Founded in 1991

Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind Brent Cornman Construction!

Once upon a time, in the heartland of Oklahoma, a dream was forged by Brent & Susan Cornman. It all began in 1991, when they decided to embark on a heartwarming quest – turning dreams into reality, one luxurious custom home at a time.

Picture this: a charming couple with hearts as warm as freshly baked apple pie, Brent & Susan knew that crafting dream homes was their true calling. With every brick laid and every beam raised, their mission was crystal clear – to sprinkle a little bit of magic and make families’ dreams come true.

But the story doesn’t end there, dear friend. When they’re not busy turning blueprints into castles, Brent & Susan indulge in heartwarming pursuits. Their three furry companions add an extra dose of joy to their lives, as they chase tail and create adorable chaos. And let’s not forget their five bundles of grandchild giggles that fill their days with laughter.

Oh, did we mention their passion for adventures? When the hammers are down and the saws are quiet, you can find this power couple cruising the open roads in their trusty motor home. Friends in tow, they explore new horizons, collecting memories like precious gemstones.

Love, commitment, and faith have always been their guiding stars. With 34 years of marital bliss under their tool belts, Brent & Susan’s unwavering bond radiates through every nail they hammer and every blueprint they ink.

Brent & Susan Cornman. Founders of Brent Cornman Construction

Brent Cornman


Brent was born, raised, and resides in Piedmont, Oklahoma.  He has been working in the construction industry since 1986.  Brent loves his two dogs almost as much as his children and grandchildren.  When Brent is not working, he likes to go to the mountains and go four wheeling in his Jeep.

Susan Cornman


Susan is originally from Yukon, Oklahoma but has become an integral part of the Piedmont community.  She met and married Brent thirty years ago and has been a part of Brent Cornman Construction since its conception.  Susan enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, shopping, and going to the gym.

Paige Ward

Administrative Coordinator

Kaitlyn Cornman

Marketing Director

Brandon Young

Project Manager

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